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Water Tech supplies Water Softener Systems in the Philippines. Hard water causes clogging and scaling on pipes, damages equipment and appliances, lessens effectiveness of soap and cleaning agents, and reduces efficiency of heat-exchangers, boilers, and other machinery. All of these effects result to higher maintenance and operating costs which otherwise could have been prevented by a specifically designed Water Softener.

A Water Softener is a water treatment equipment designed to remove positively charged ions from water. Ions such as Calcium (Ca2+), Magnesium (Mg2+) and Iron (Fe+), often referred to as “hardness minerals” are removed from the water by means of an Ion Exchange System, resulting to Soft Water. Ion Exchange is the process by which positively charged ions that constitute water hardness are replaced by other ions such as Sodium or Potassium. The exchanger ions are stored in the ion exchanger reservoir (brine tank) as Sodium and Potassium salts (NaCl and KCl).

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The Benefits of Soft Water

For Homeowners and families, this would mean that water would be safe for drinking and would not contribute a buildup of minerals in your body (gallstones). Your baths would be more pleasant and refreshing as soap and shampoo would be effective in cleansing and refreshing. A residential Water Softener would require little to no maintenance.

For hotels and resorts, this would mean that pipes, tiles, sinks, showers, and toilets would not have scale buildup. Linens and fabric would be more comfortable and pleasant to use, as laundry soaps and fabric conditioners would would have is maximum cleaning effect. This also would result to cost reduction as it would take less soap and less water to clean laundry. Water heaters and restaurant equipment would be protected as well from damage that could be inflicted by hard water.

For industries, having soft water means that your equipment and machinery would be protected from damage, requiring less operating and maintenance cost. It would also mean that boilers, heat-exchangers, and cooling systems would be more effective and would consume less energy, resulting to more cost savings.


Reliable, Effective, and Long-Lasting Water Softeners

Our water softener systems require little supervision, as the softener tank is capable of regenerating and rehabilitating itself. With its self-regenerating capacity, Water Tech Water Softeners will last many years, bringing in much Return on Investment. Regardless of purpose, Water Tech Philippines and its specifically designed water softeners would add value to you and your business.

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