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Water filtration is the process of removing impurities from water through a physical barrier or biological process. Water Tech Philippines offers water filter systems in varied capacities and functions, such as Multimedia Water Filters, Activated Carbon Water Filters, Nanofiltration Systems, and Ultrafiltration Systems. These different types of filtration technologies are suited for commercial, food & beverage, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, and residential purposes.

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Multimedia Water Filters

Multimedia filters are ideally suited for water contaminated with higher levels of suspended solids. Suspended solids are present from water sources such as ground water (deep-well), lakes, rivers, rainwater harvesting systems, and seawater. A Multimedia water filter acts as a pre-treatment system to more fine filters and purifiers such as Activated Carbon water filters, Water Softeners, Water Deionizers, and Reverse Osmosis Systems. Implementing multimedia filters as pre-treatment extends the lifespan and improves efficiency of finer water filtration and purification technologies.


Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated Carbon filtration is the process of filtering water contaminants through chemical absorption. As water passes through an Activated Carbon bed, impurities are absorbed. Impurities such as chlorine content, sediments, taste, odor, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and algae are effectively filtered by Activated Carbon. Activated Carbon water filters are considered highly efficient and economical, filtering and absorbing impurities up to 10 microns (0.010 millimeters) in size (a fine beach sand measures 100 microns). These water filters are also effective in filtering rainwater for domestic or commercial use. Although Activated Carbon is one of the most economical water filtration techniques, it has its limitations. Minerals, salts, and other dissolved inorganic compounds that constitute Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) cannot be filtered by Activated Carbon. Reverse Osmosis Systems and other membrane filtration systems are more suitable in those cases.

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