Water Treatment Plant

Produce Ultra-Pure Water fit for Industrial Application with Low Maintenance and High Efficiency Water Treatment Systems.

Centralized Water Treatment for Resorts

Make a perfect vacation for your guests with consistent, clean Water. Process Sea or Deep-Well water to lower operating costs.

Whole-house Water Filters

Protect your family and loved ones from water impurities with Water Tech Centralized Water Purifier and Water Filter Systems.

Commercial Water Filtration

Produce Mineral, Purified, or Alkaline Water at low cost for Water Refilling Stations or other Commercial Applications.

Water Treatment for Hotels in the Philippines

Give your guests a pleasant stay by providing soft, high quality Water processed by Water Tech Philippines.

Safe Water for Restaurants and Food & Beverage Industry

Exceed Health Standards on Drinking Water Quality for Restaurants and Food & Beverage Industry.

Water Purifier for Schools and Universities

Ensure safe drinking water for students and staff with Centralized and Point-of-Use Water Purifiers and Water Sterilizers.

Water Treatment for Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals

Produce high purity water to increase treatment efficiency and exceed water safety standards in the Philippines.


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Residential Water Purifier